WSOP Main Event Final Table Con’t (vids)

Video camera lens

We are back with another two videos of the action on that hugely popular World Series of Poker Main Event final table that played out a couple of days ago. We already shared with you the first two episodes in which we saw the first couple of hour’s worth of action at the felt.

Those first episodes did not bring any eliminations, but they did let us get a first look at each of the players playing styles. Some were aggressive, others were playing tight but all of them only had one thing in mind in winning the WSOP Main Event.

This time we have another couple of hours which this time features the first elimination of that final table. We are not going to say just who it was that was eliminated (though most of you are highly likely to already know) but we will say that it was a monster pot that was being contested that led to it.

The final table was aired live in America and also on live streams all across the world but there is still going to be those of you that were not able to watch it and there might even be others that would not mind watching the intense action once more.

Each of these nine players have had to wait an agonizing four months to be able to play this table but they were able to use that time to make sure that they were mentally ready for the biggest poker challenges in their lives.

The action is not just highlights but each and every hand that was played out on that final table, allowing us to take absolutely everything in as it was played out. So get yourself comfortable and enjoy the next couple of hours worth of action at the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event final table.

If you come back tomorrow, we will no doubt have at least another two videos of the coverage to share with you. They will continue from where these videos left off and show many more hours of the action that took place on the world’s most prestigious main event final table. You never know, there might even be a few more eliminations to witness as the players look to get one step closer to the WSOP Main Event title.