WSOP Main Event Final Table Episodes 5 & 6

Rio Las Vegas

The next couple of episodes of coverage from the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event final table were released a few hours ago, allowing those that may have missed the live action to see for themselves just how this event played out.

The episodes start with just eight of the original nine players that had performed so brilliantly to get to the final table after the last two episodes saw the elimination of Mark Newhouse in 9th place for the second consecutive year.

Rather amusingly, when Newhouse bought into the Main Event this year, he tweeted that he is not going to finish 9th this time around. That tweet is now doing the rounds on Twitter after he did finish in the exact same position as in 2013.

The next two episodes below will actually reveal another couple of eliminations and have us down to just six players left competing for the biggest poker title on the planet. We are not going to reveal who they are even if some of you will know already. There are some people that may be trying the difficult task of hiding themselves away from the result until they have watched the coverage for themselves.

Each of the two episodes is around an hour long and is complete with the full coverage of the final table and not just the highlights of the key hands. The action is full of the tension that you expect from a final table that is being played in front of millions on the television. This has been shown in the play during the earlier episodes but on this occasion the players seem to loosen up a bit due to the rapidly increasing blind levels.

This leads to a massive fluctuation in the chip counts of players as one in particular manages to double up twice in quick succession to put himself among the top chip counts.

Join us again tomorrow where we should be able to provide you with the next couple of episodes of the action. We expect there to be a continuation of the excellent action that has prevalent so far at this final table. We also expect a few more eliminations, so be sure to stay tuned.