WSOP Main Event Final Table (vids)

Rio Las Vegas

The biggest and most talked about final table on the yearly poker calendar came to an end today and for those that might have missed the live stream or was unavailable to watch it at the time, you will be happy to know that you now have the opportunity to watch it.

The World Series of Poker Main Event final table is always the most anticipated poker occasion each year with the November Nine having to wait four months to play after originally making the final table. Many practice, many get coaching and many simply take it in their stride and carry on where they left off.

No matter which method a player chooses, the final table always seems to deliver the tension and enjoyment that no other final table in the world can. This event is more than just money and is recognised as the ultimate when it comes to poker titles. The winner will have their name up with the likes of Brunson, Chan, Hellmuth, Ungar and Ivey, true greats of the game.

The first two episodes of the final table have been made available with each one lasting around 50 minutes apiece. They show the early stages of that final table in full, with the remaining episodes expected across the next few days.

Without wanting to spoilt it too much for anyone that missed it, it has been talked about as one of the best final tables in years with regards to the quality of play that was on display. We had short stacks turning into big stacks, big stacks turning into short stacks and just about everything else in-between. The players all came across very well in a televised environment and will no doubt all go on to become featured more often in the future.

Each episode is fairly long, so do make sure that you are comfortable. Perhaps grab a few snacks and something to drink, get the cushions plumped up, the sound turned up and you are ready.

We will bring you all additional coverage as and when it has been released, so do come back and check every now and again. You might find it difficult if you have been avoiding the result but even if you already know it, actually seeing how it happened is the most interesting part of it.