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WSOP Main Event – New Calls For Clock As “Tanking” Frustrates Viewers!

WSOP Main Event – New Calls For Clock As “Tanking” Frustrates Viewers!

With the World Series Of Poker Main Event final table starting yesterday and still currently on going with the final three players remaining today, there has been a stream of criticism from fans and fellow players alike at just how long hands have been taking on the televised event.

Players such as the usually “quiet” Daniel Negreanu and Doyle Brunson have been tweeting at the critisicm of the players taking all the time in the world to make their plays, specifically Jesse Sylvia.

Of course with millions of dollars on the line there is going to be a certain amount of thinking time required, however some feel it has gone too far lately and that there should be a clock introduced where by players will only have a certain amount of time to make their decisions, much in the same way as there is online.

Players and fans went to twitter to vent their frustration at having to spend most of their time waiting whilst watching the most anticipated final table of the year.

Tweeting Hell!

Doyle Brunson tweeted “Sorry everyone, but this is too slow for me to watch, really hope we are to get a clock soon.”

Negreanu also tweeted “If there was a doubt before that we need a clock in poker, this is certainly exhibit A, and this is painstaking for viewers”

Pius Heinz pointed the finger at Sylvia with this tweet “sylvia’s tanking when in big pots is starting to get annoying”

Todd Furman added a tweet “The only way they are going to make the WSOP worth watching in future is if they introduce a clock”

That was just a small selection of what some of the bigger name players are saying, though there are so many more. This is coming from players too, so imagine how boring it is for the fans that are glued to their TV sets.

There have been calls from certain quarters for some time with regards to clocks, especially during televised events. Many players feel that other players like the idea that they are on the television and are milking every moment of it when it really is not necessary. Some players even slow roll their play even when they have the nuts, they think for minutes on end before making a call or going all-in, they have the nuts so what is there to really think about?

We will see if a clock indeed does get introduced during next year’s final table, if it does it could bring a lot of the fans back that have simply switched off during this seasons WSOP final table.



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