WSOP and New York Rangers shake hands

New York Rangers Hockey

The New York Rangers are riding a hot streak and are very close in securing another playoffs berth. They have a great team, wonderful fans and perhaps the best goalkeeper in the National Hockey League, so the future looks bright. Things got even better a few days ago, as Rangers shook hands with the World Series of Poker, whose online poker room became their official online gaming partner.

These rumours first surfaced one week ago when poker players who follow the WSOP action every day discovered the promotion on the official website. Given the implications of this partnership, the interest for the alleged agreement was considerable and a few days later, a World Series of Poker insider confirmed the news.

For the time being, New Jersey residents who are big fans of poker and root for the New York Rangers are the ones who meet the eligibility requirements for this promotion. There are almost 2 weeks left to make a deposit at and enter the promo code, to qualify for one of the four big prizes. The campaign will come to an end on April 5 and a couple of days after, the winners will be notified and goodies will start coming their way.

They will receive $15,000 worth of prizes, including promotional Rangers jerseys with autographs and tickets to highly anticipated games at the Madison Square Garden. The visit from a former New York Ranger star represents the icing on the cake, so diehard Rangers fans have plenty of reasons to tag along. One year ago, New Jersey joins Nevada and Delaware as the third US state to legalise online gambling and later in 2013, the Internet gambling market opened its gates.

Poker fans like to believe that this moment marked the beginning of an irreversible trend that will result in online poker being legalised nationwide. Prominent poker companies are competing for the lucrative online market in the Garden State, hoping to tap into its immense potential. Poker players will be the main beneficiaries of this competition and the new partnership between the New York Rangers and WSOP is a major breakthrough.

This is not the first time that a poker company shakes hands with a prominent club, with Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils signing similar agreements in 2013. There is no better way of getting sports fans fully immersed into the world of poker, so it is very likely that similar campaigns will be launched in the foreseeable future.