WSOP Vids Reveal Action Down To 21 Players On Day 7

Anton Morgenstern

Once again we are back with the latest episode from ESPN’s coverage of the World Series Of Poker a little while back. While the European version of the event is seeing its Main Event currently get played out the American original is getting ever closer to its final table to be played out in November.

The ESPN have been screening all of the action weekly since that final table was reached and now has us in to Day 7. This episode again saw the top quality poker action that had been played out during the Main Event, with the players now getting ever so close to making that illustrious final table next month.

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There were 27 players remaining at the start of Day 7 and throughout these episodes we lost 6 as there just 21 remaining come the end. Some of those eliminations were pretty high profile, though we do not want to spoil it by telling you their names.

The Top Nine At Start of Play

1st) Anton Morgenstern – 21,955,000

2nd) Sylvain Loosli – 14,125,000

3rd) Chris Lindh – 12,030,000

4th) JC Tran – 11,970,000

5th) Fabian Ortiz – 10,810,000

6th) Carlos Mortensen – 10,790,000

7th) James Alexander – 9,445,000

8th) Jay Farber – 8,975,000

9th) Matthew Reed – 7,705,000

Enjoy the action below in a video that has both episodes put into one.