WSOPE Event #6 Mixed Max PLO – Schwartz Wins 1st Bracelet

Noah Schwartz in WSOPE 2013

The sixth event of the World Series of Poker Europe was played out just now with the final four players coming back to the felt for the Mixed Max Pot Limit Omaha event to do battle one last time for the title.

After an intense heads up final against the chip leader at the start of the day Ludovic Lacay, it was Noah Schwartz that took home his very first WSOP bracelet and a payout of €104,580. This was not bad going considering he started the day with the least amount of chips among all four of the players.

The four players first had to compete in a semi final heads up stage with Noah Schwartz facing Jyri Meriverta and Lacay going up against Vitaly Lunkin. Schwartz saw off his opponent quite quickly, but the other semi final lasted quite a bit longer with Lacay eventually coming out on top after catching his opponent Lunkin bluffing.

This left us with Lacay versus Schwartz with the former holding quite a substantial chip lead at the beginning. The chip lead was not enough as Schwartz has far more experience than his opponent and it really started to show.

This meant for a fairly epic heads up session as both players swapped leads on a number of occasions before Schwartz really started to apply the pressure and push himself into a good lead. After that it was all downhill for Lacay who had played marvellously throughout this event.

Schwartz finally claimed the title when all of the chips from both players went into the pot on the flop of 5h-6c-Ks with Schwartz holding the Ks-Ac-8h-7d and Lacay the 8d-Qd-5c-6s. Lacay had the better hand at this point with a two pair, but the turn and river of As-3d respectively gave Schwartz a better two pair and a WSOP bracelet to boot.


With this event now in the books it leaves us with just two more. The Main Event is playing out Day 1a as we speak and we will have the report on the action as soon as it finishes.

How It Finished

Noah Schwartz – €104,580

Ludovic Lacay – €64,800

Vitaly Lunkin – €34,500

Jyri Merivirta – €34,500