WSOPE Main Event Final Table (vid)

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The event may be over and the majority of you may well already know who was crowned the latest World Series Of Poker Europe champion, but perhaps you missed the live stream provided by the WSOP and are interested in seeing how the winner was revealed.

For that or any other reason we have provided you all with that action with the video lasting just under twelve hours and providing you with everything that happened on the final table

The WSOPE Main Event was its usual fun filled yet seriously taken event at the Casino Barriere, located just outside of Paris in Enghien-les-Bains. There were 375 players that started the event but just six that occupied the final table on Day 5.

Adrian Mateos had been leading the event for the past couple of previous days and was looking in good shape, but with the likes of Dominik Nitsche, Benny Spindler and Ragi Raghaven around anything was possible on Day 5.

How The Players Sat At The Start Of Day 5

Seat 1) Benny Spindler – 1,748,000

Seat 2) Fabrice Soulier – 1,871,000

Seat 3) Dominik Nitsche – 2,354,000

Seat 4) Adrian Mateos – 3,781,000

Seat 5) Ravi Raghavan – 898,000

Seat 6) Jerome Huge – 637,000

As we mentioned previously the video is extremely long so perhaps it might be an idea to bookmark this page if you decide to watch it across a number of sessions rather than in one go.