WSOPE Main Event starts with fireworks in Paris (vid)

pink fireworks

Paris is the host city for the 2013 World Series of Poker Europe and poker professionals from all over the world came to France to play in the Events. While anxiously waiting for the Main Event, players are having a bit of fun and once again Liv Boeree and Daniel Negreanu were bound to spend a lot of time in the spotlight. Thankfully they have been posting moments from their time in the French capital on their social media accounts.


A lot is expected from the organisers as well and much to their credit, they rose to the occasion, with fireworks and funky parties held in the French capital. Ty Stewart, the executive director of the World Series of Poker spread the news on the social media, although his attempt of postings the corresponding videos fell flat:

The Eiffel Tower was chosen as an exclusive location for the World Series of Poker party preceding the main event and poker players had a great time. Negreanu and Faraz Jaka were all over the stage in an impromptu dancing competition, with both of them showcasing some of their moves. It is for the poker pros and amateurs alike to decide who won this contest:


The night couldn’t have ended better than with a massive fireworks show.