Yi Fang’s Annoying Video Hilarious

Yi Fang

It’s not often you gain attention for something other than your poker skills, but as superstardom starts to hit the poker players, your crazy habits will eventually make their way into the spotlight as they have with poker player Yi Fang.

In a hilarious video edit of Yi Fang at the poker tables, some of his poker table quirks have been getting on the wrong side of “SrslySirius”, the editor who made the hilarious animation of Daniel Negreanu on a blind dating show that ended in disaster. “SrslySirius” has been at it again using Yi Fang as his superstar in a reedited short film to repeat his hilarious antics in a hand where Fang was being beaten by pocket Aces playing in a hand versus Jaffe, who looks more nervous than Fang despite being well ahead in the hand.

Fang loves his ladies (Queens) and as he is all in on the flop after flopping the top pair of Queens unbeknown to him that he was up against pocket Aces, he is singing out the ladies and doing a little poker dance at the end of the table. The video also includes Yi Fang’s comments that he is a lucky man in one of his brilliant poker table rants also saying he is stupid and crazy. To be honest Fang really does love to enjoy himself and wind up the table while he is at it. To be honest – a true Chinese gambler..!

As he laughs at his hand even though being behind, “SrslySirius” had made sure the laugh continues on while running through the serious faces of other poker players including Phil Ivey before switching to the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger shouting “Shut up” at the top of his voice. Eventually he drives our man Arnie so mad that Schwarzenegger runs out of Astoria Elementary School in a clip from an old movie Arnold starred in a few years ago.

In the end the video send a clear message, and that is “SrslySirius” thinks that Yi Fang needs to shut the *[email protected] up!

Well to be honest if you look at all the other glum faces sitting at the table, Fang is only piece of excitement that table has. He gets even more excited as the turn brings a Jack to add to his Qc-10c hand. The board now read Qh-7c-8d-Jd giving Fang four more outs with the nine that would give him a straight. The river could have been anyone of nine cards that would’ve given him the 2,831,000 chip pot.

In the end the 5h blanks and the fun stops for Yi Fang, but while he did try and plead with the ladies to come out, it was all in good fun and good jest. Nice video “SrslySirius” by the way!