Zoltan Gal Wins Eureka Vienna Main Event (vid)

Vienna Hoburg Palace

2014 has certainly been the year for breaking records with regards to poker tournaments and this Eureka Main Event in Vienna was no different. An astonishing 1,432 players entered this event across the two opening day flights, beating the previous record in the Eureka3 Prague by 117 players.

Once that field had been shortened down to just the final table of eight to be played out last night, Zoltan Gal was one of the players with a short stack. However, he put in a master class performance to transform that stack into the winning one and end up with a payday of €208,655. Not bad for a player that is unknown and qualified for the event on PokerStars.

He had a professional player in the way during heads up to make this happen too. Andreas Freund is a local in Vienna so had the support from the majority of the rail too. Freund started heads up with a 3 to 1 chip disadvantage but he put up a sterling display to bring himself almost level on chips before the final massive hand of the event occurred.

Freund found himself with pocket eights and must have felt he had the strongest hand when all the chips went into the middle. Gal had pocket tens however and Freund could not hit the eight he was looking for on the board and was eliminated as the runner up for €174,655.

With the Eureka portion of EPT Vienna now out of the way, the attention will firmly switch to that of the EPT Main Event which also kicked off last night with Day 1a of the event. Day 1b will also be getting underway today at lunchtime so make sure you check out the live stream or come back here tomorrow for an update on the event.

As for the Eureka High Roller that was also supposed to finish last night, the two players remaining in PokerStars Team Pro Eugene Katchalov and Nikki Jedlicka have agreed a chop of the prize pool and will play out the session in a couple of days for the remaining €27k. This is because both players wish to take part in Day 1b of this EPT Vienna Main Event.


How It Finished

1st) Zoltan Gal – €208,655

2nd) Andreas Freund – €174,655

3rd) Blazej Przygorzewski – €98,210

4th) Bryan Paris – €72,230

5th) Markus Stoger – €56,600

6th) Stavros Kalfas – €43,240

7th) Erik Scheidt – €33,090

8th) Robert Malinowski – €23,430